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Introducing The “Miss Lora” – Key West’s Newest Dolphin Boat

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The “Miss Lora” is the newest addition to Sunset Watersports charter fleet. This Gold Coast custom catamaran is a one of a kind vessel. Sitting high above the water the “Miss Lora” is perfectly crafted to enhance the visibility of our marine dolphin counterparts. With above deck modern boat bathrooms, a full bar and a top viewing deck, the “Miss Lora” is able to offer a one of a kind dolphin watching & snorkeling adventure.

The “Miss Lora” will operate Key West’s premier dolphin watching experience and go where other boats simply cannot go. This vessel was captained by Sunset Watersports owner Rich Welter and brought to Key West just last week from St. Croix. At 54 feet long, this boat is able to accommodate 125 guests with ample seating and standing options. A front staircase is the perfect way to get on an of the boat, whether our destination is a local sandbar like Snipes Point or Boca Grande, or entering the water for some reef snorkeling.

Key West Dolphin & Snorkel Combo

The dolphin and reef snorkeling combo with Sunset Watersports. This trip is offered year round and is one of the best combo packages in Key West. Join us on the Miss Lora for a one of a kind, dolphin watching experience as you stand high above the water for perfect viewing of our local Key West dolphins. We venture out into the dolphin playground, a local hotspot for dolphin activity. Watch and get closer than ever to our friendly marine counterparts as they play in the wake of the boat. After enjoying the dolphins we will sail off to enjoy some reef snorkeling. With decades of experience our captains ensure to take each and every trip to the best locations for dolphin and marine activity. You can expect to see a wide variety of coral, fish, sting rays, dolphins and possibly even sea turtles.

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Quick Summary

1. The Miss Lora is 54 foot long

2. Will operate dolphin & reef snorkeling trips

3. Docked at 201 Williams St, Key West FL

4. Can accommodate 125 guests

5. Will be available for private charters, weddings & group outings December 2019

Key West’s Newest Dolphin Boat!