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Key West Sunset Celebration

a small boat in a large body of water

Do you know that there is a party in Key West that occurs 365 times a year? Key West is known for its unique party scene. We love to celebrate just about anything. We celebrate the full moon. We celebrate song writers. We even celebrate fantasy. While those events come and go each year. There is one celebration that happens just about everyday. This celebration is known as the Sunset Celebration.

About an hour prior to the sunset everyday you will see a majority of the island’s visitors as well as locals venture to Mallory Square. It’s almost a shift you can feel as the island tilts a little to the west to accommodate the increase in visitors. If you haven’t caught a sunset at Mallory Square make sure you get there early to grab a front row seat for the excitement.

During the sunset celebration from Mallory Square you will see a variety of street performers and musicians, showcasing Key West’s local talent. You will also see an array of boats sailing in the harbors they celebrate the southernmost sunset in the United States.

Key West Sunset Cruise Options

Once you have enjoyed the sunset celebration from Mallory Square, you must venture onto a boat for a truly unobstructed view of the this legendary sunset. Sunset Watersports has an array of options for guests alike to enjoy this “must do” Key West event.

If you are looking for a sailing experience. Climb aboard Key West’s newest sailing catamaran the 65 foot Sandie Cat for a one of a kind sailing experience. This trip includes live music, open well bar, champagne, wine and a great appetizer menu. Click to see the Sip & Sail sunset trip.

If you are a bit more hungry climb aboard the Party Cat for a full tropical food buffet with live music & open well bar just like on the Sandie Cat. This is the only true dinner cruise in Key West. All of the food is cooked and prepared in the on-board kitchen. Click to see the Dinner Cruise sunset trip.

If you are looking for a little more adventure during your sunset experience, jump on the brand new Miss Lora for a one of a kind dolphin watching and snorkeling experience at sunset. The newly acquired Miss Lora allows guests to view dolphins from the second story deck. Giving you a bird’s eye view of our marine creatures. The sunset trip includes draft beer and wine. Click to see the Dolphin Snorkel sunset trip.

These are some of the most popular ways to enjoy one of Key West’s most popular activities!