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Kids Go Free Program

Free Trips & Tours For Kids In Key West

Save Money With Free Kids Tickets

Calling all adventure-loving families! Experience the ultimate joy of our Free Trips & Tours for Kids program at Sunset Watersports in Key West, FL. Unleash the excitement as kids aged 5 & under embark on unforgettable journeys for absolutely free! Discover a plethora of ‘kids go free’ options, giving you the perfect opportunity to save big while creating treasured memories. From delightful family dinner cruises to thrilling snorkeling escapades in tropical waters, and even epic sandbar adventures, there’s something for every young explorer. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance for savings and boundless fun. Book now to secure your spot in paradise ↓

Free Trips For Kids In Key West


Free Trips For Kids Program In KEY WEST

Welcome to the ultimate family adventure hub at Sunset Watersports in Key West, FL! Prepare to embark on a captivating journey where your kids go absolutely free! Discover an array of exhilarating free trips & tours specially curated for young explorers, guaranteed to make your vacation extraordinary.

Picture this – your little ones grinning from ear to ear as they set sail on a free dolphin watch tour, a chance to witness these magnificent creatures frolicking in their natural habitat. The excitement doesn’t end there! Dive into the underwater wonderland with our free reef snorkeling tour, where your kids will be mesmerized by the vibrant marine life beneath the waves.

But that’s not all; our free sandbar charters offer the perfect opportunity for family bonding and beach fun. Watch your kids build sandcastles, splash in the crystal-clear waters, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

For those seeking an enchanting evening, our free sunset sail is just the ticket! Drift along the gentle waves, feel the cool breeze on your skin, and enjoy quality time with your loved ones under the starlit sky.

And last but not least, treat your family to an unforgettable dining experience with our free dinner cruises. Relish delicious meals while cruising the picturesque waters, making it a night you’ll cherish forever.

At Sunset Watersports, we believe in making family vacations exceptional without breaking the bank. With our free trips & tours for kids, you can save big while delighting in incredible activities tailored to your little adventurers. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to create cherished memories together. Book now and let the unforgettable fun begin! ↓

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TripAdvisor Awards Key West


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Best Time in Key West!!

Awesome tour! The guides were knowledge and fun and the jet skis are brand new. My entire family had a blast and the kids wanted to go again the next day!

– Lauren S. | Tripadvisor
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Excellent excursion!!

My family did two different excursions with sunset watersports, jetsking and snorkeling. Both times the staff was excellent and super kind to my family especially my four year old who asks the most absurd questions! They took the time to answer his silly questions and it absolutely made his day as a lot of times people will ignore his questions. Thank you so much for excellent excursions. When we come back to Key West we will be booking with you again!

– Lia S. | Tripadvisor
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SO glad we did it!

We did the Do It All Package on 3/10/21 - two adults and two 6 year old boys. Before we went on this trip, not going to lie - there was a moment of hesitation and "are we insane? to take two small kids to the middle of the ocean to do these activities?" My heart jumped as the company made us sign forms basically signing our lives away, but we did. We had THE ABSOLUTE TIME! It was our last full day in Key West, and I can't imagine spending it any better. Our boat had a total of 16 guests on it, so we had plenty of space and crew attention. They were all AWESOME, super nice, attentive and made us feel like we were just old friends hanging out on a boat. In the middle of the ocean. With two small kids. On a super windy day.

– Paulina C. | Tripadvisor
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Equally awesome crew and cruise!

The cruise was great! Very friendly crew, good music selection, and kid friendly! I definitely recommend them!

– desi12242021 | Tripadvisor