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In Key West, FL

Top Key West Sandbars & How To Get There

Key West is known for it’s beautiful sandbars with white sandy beaches and crystal clear turquois waters. If you are not familiar with the water ways here it could be near impossible for you to get to experience these bucket-list adventures. Check out below for a quick guide to the top sandbars and how to get there.

Mud Keys Sandbar: The Most Scenic Sandbar

The sandbar located within the hidden mangroves of Mud Keys is by far the most scenic of Key West’s sandbars. This secluded location has multiple sandbars for you to explore.

mud keys key west boat rentals

Jewfish Basin Sandbar: The All Inclusive Sandbar Experience

The sandbar at Jewfish Basin is just a 7 mile ride north of Key West and is one of the most popular sandbar hangout destinations. The tricky shallow water  route deters many boats however it is well worth your search. Alleviate any worry and join us on our Ultimate Sandbar Adventure Trip, which will safely guide you to this local paradise and includes food and drinks.

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Boca Chica Sandbar: Key West’s Closest Sandbar

Boca Chica sandbar is the closest & most convenient sandbar location in Key West. This sandbar has beautiful turquoise shallow waters year round.

key west jetski tours to sandbars

Snipes Point Sandbar: The White Sand Beach Sandbar

Snipes Point is known for it’s endless beautiful white sand beaches. This location is home of the world famous tree swing which travelers come from around the world to photograph this location.

snipes point boat rentals key west

Boca Grande Sandbar: The Local’s Hangout

Boca Grande is the furthest and remote sandbar destination from Key West. Boca Grande the westernmost and largest island in the Mule Keys about 14 miles away from Key West.

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Select Your Sandbar Adventure

Get unique views of the island on an amazing jet ski ride combined with an awesome tour. Stops include Key West Harbor, Boca Chica Sandbar, and more!

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Key West’s best kept secret! Captain your own private boat as your tour guide takes you to Key West’s ultra secluded backcountry eco adventure at Mud Keys. Explore secluded beaches and mangrove islands only accessible by boat.

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Sandbar Charter Reviews

sunset watersports key west tripadvisor reviews in key west florida

Sunset Watersports boat rental crew made it easy to rent. The shop had fishing pole rentals, snorkeling rentals and bait. Helped us download the navionics app on our smartphones and prepared us for what the waterways were like. Great guys!

– TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor Travelers' Choice Award

My wife and I were in Key West to celebrate her birthday. The staff were very helpful. They advised us the 21' center console fishing boat would be a better option due to the weather conditions which was a good choice, as it had been renovated recently and had better equipment. The staff prepared us for our outing, we took their advice and had a great day. We cruised around the entire island. Encountered a group of dolphins who joined us for about 30 minutes, playing in our wake and leaping out of the water. It was fantastic! Went to the sandbar and enjoyed relaxing in the ocean. Big thumbs ups from us!

– TripAdvisor
sunset watersports key west tripadvisor reviews in key west florida
GREAT RENTAL Key West Golf Cart Rental

Absolutely incredible golf cart rental. The crew were fantastic. If you want to explore Key West rent a golf cart! We rented a golf cart and had a great time. We drove all over Key West!!

– TripAdvisor