LOWEST PRICE IN KEY WEST $109 10am Tours , Brand New Machines



Key West Waverunner TourNo Hidden Fees


NO CHARGE-2nd RIDER on same waverunner/ Jet Ski






Free Fresh Water Showers


25 mile 1 1/2 hour Jet Ski/ Waverunner tour

Follow a guide around Key West  as you see the

coast line of Key West

You will see the Submarine Pens, Southern most point

Key West Harbor and much more.


New Jet Ski/Waverunners

All Our waverunners are replaced every year so you are using the newest Jet Ski/ waveruuners.


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Key West Jet skis & Waverunners



 Key West Waverunner & Jet Ski Tours

1 1/2 hour 25 mile waverunner tour

$140 10 am only $109

All other times $120      NO BOOKING FEES

Key West Jet Ski rentals

1 hour in designated riding area

SAVE $20 Book on-line only $110 per hour



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Gas is included No charge for a 2nd person





anyone who was born on or after January 1st, 1988 and at least 18 years of age must take a Florida Boaters Safety test.see below

Must Have Credit Card for Deposit

and I.D. with proof of age to rent waverunners / Jet Skis

No Refunds for Reservations with out Credit Card or I.D.

  Waverunner Tours   Waverunner Rentals   Scenic Key West   No Hidden Charges  

New Waverunners


Florida Boaters Exam

Key West Waverunner tour Key West Waverunner rentals Key West Southern Most Poin No Hidden waverunner CHarges new waverunner' Florida Boaters Exam




Watersports Trips



Key West waverunners Tours


1 1/2 hour 25 mile tour

Follow your guide around Key West

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Key West Waverunner tour


10am special ONLY $109 SAVE $31

on-line Only

All other times $120



no-hidden Fees



Free gas and 2nd person



We have no hidden charges


Gas is included in all tours and rentals &


NO CHARGE for a 2nd person on the same waverunner




Free Fresh Water Showers


Key West Waverunner

 and Jet Ski rentals


1 Hour rentals

Ride in a large designated riding area

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Key West Waverunner rentals


on-line Only $110 Save $20

Regular price $130 per hour


New Waverunners


New Waverunners every year


Our Waverunners/ Jet Skis are new every year

so you are riding on the

best waverunners anywhere


new waverunner


Scenic Key West



See Key West from the water


Our tour lets you see Historic Key west

up close from the water


Key West Harbor


Florida Boaters Exam





We offer boaters safety courses




If you were born on or after January 1st, 1988 and at least 18 years of age you must take a Florida Boaters Safety test.

to drive waverunners





We offer this 15 minute exam
1 hour before each tour for $4.00


license is good for one year


click here for state regulations