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  • Kurt S. Avatar
    Kurt S.

    Very much enjoyed the Sunset Sip and Sail!! Very much enjoyed the Sunset Sip and Sail, Awesome boat. Crew very friendly. Would definitely do it again.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Sunset Sip & Sail
    - 10/16/2020

    Chris U. Avatar
    Chris U.

    Amazing Jetski Tour My daughter and I had a great jet ski tour. Scott was awesome. Would highly recommend.

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Key West Jetski Island Tour
    - 10/15/2020

    Darren B. Avatar
    Darren B.

    One of my favorite adventures yet!! All the Sunset Watersports team members were very friendly and well mannered.... they made sure we had fun and was ok on the water!!! One of my favorite adventures yet!!

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Key West All Day Adventure, "Do It All"
    - 10/15/2020

    Joe S. Avatar
    Joe S.

    Key West Jetski Tour, Highly recommend! First trip to Key West and booked the Jet Ski tour. Our guide Scott was fantastic! Sorry I could only give 5 Stars as it was a 10 experience for sure! Highly recommend! - 10/14/2020

    Johana Avatar

    All Inclusive Package The entire crew was wonderful!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Do It All
    - 10/12/2020

    Carrie Avatar

    I highly Recommend This Tour!! Max gave us a great tour! We had an incredible time. It was so much fun and a great way to kick off our vacation!! He was very knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and funny. I highly recommend this tour!!

    Sunset Watersports Tour...
    read more
    - 10/12/2020

    Lee Avatar

    We Plan To Do It Again! Dolphin Eco Tour Captain and crew were the best... great time from start to finish!!.. We plan to book again soon!!

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Dolphin Eco Tour & Snorkel Combo
    - 10/12/2020

    Key West Visitor Avatar
    Key West Visitor

    10 Out Of 10 Reef Snorkeling! Key West reef snorkel tour was 10/10! - 10/12/2020

    Taylor Skelton Avatar
    Taylor Skelton

    Rise & Reef Snorkeling Trip We had a great morning snorkel with Sunset Watersports! The crew was friendly, informative, and very professional! Kelsey did a great job keeping us "hydrated" after our snorkel! We enjoyed this snorkel over others that we also did on our... read more - 10/12/2020

    Lisa Avatar

    crew was fabulous - captain was great Very nice time - crew was fabulous - captain was great (comical) - good was tasty and view was beautiful - even with the clouds sitting at the horizon. 🌅

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Sunset Dinner Cruise
    - 10/10/2020

    Margaret L. Avatar
    Margaret L.

    Sunset Sail Entire staff, especially the bar staff, was excellent. They definitely went above and beyond! The guy with the guitar was great entertainment. We got lucky in that there were fewer than 30 passengers on the ship, so it was very... read more - 10/09/2020

    Juanita N. Avatar
    Juanita N.

    Amazing Eco Tour Absolutely loved this trip. We had a great time. The water was crystal clear, the guide "Michael" was very knowledgeable and shared history and the future of the islands with us. He made sure all of the boaters stayed safe... read more - 10/09/2020

    Teresa Avatar

    All Day Adventure The crew was great! I have a food allergy and they were gracious enough to ensure I was aware of what I could eat. The drinks were great also! - 10/09/2020

    Brent Avatar

    Dolphin Watch Tour - Great Views Great views. Amazing water colors and temperature for snorkeling. Staff was great. Overall highly recommend!

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Dolphin Eco & Snorkel Tour in Key West
    - 10/06/2020

    Joshua N. Avatar
    Joshua N.

    Dolphin Eco & Snorkel JC was such a pleasant crew member! Lovely trip.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Dolphin Eco & Snorkeling Tour in Key West
    - 10/06/2020

  • Sherrie Patton Avatar
    Sherrie Patton

    Fun Do It All Adventure It was a lot of fun. Would recommend to friends. Very friendly and helpful crew. - 10/05/2020

    Mirza A. Avatar
    Mirza A.

    Amazing Sunset Dinner Cruise Great crew, great time with Sunset Watersports in Key West!! - 10/05/2020

    Melissa F. Avatar
    Melissa F.

    Fun In Key West We did just about everything there is to do in Key West with Sunset Watersports. Every trip was amazing. The crews are fun and experienced. 5 star company! - 10/05/2020

    Musico V. Avatar
    Musico V.

    Best Dolphin Adventure I’ve Experienced in Key West This was the best dolphin adventure I’ve experienced in Key west. I finally saw dolphins and got to swim deep in the ocean with the provided snorkeling gear. They also provided free beer and soda. I also met some really... read more - 10/05/2020

    Andrei T. Avatar
    Andrei T.

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING REEF SNORKEL ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Great crew, nice snacks, and liquor, astonishing reefs with tons of fish. Highly recommend.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Reef Snorkeling
    - 10/02/2020

    Kerri Froehlich Avatar
    Kerri Froehlich

    My husband and I had a great time on this tour. Nico was an amazing guide! He was very patient with us since it had been a while since we had been on a jet ski and kept a very... read more - 10/02/2020

    John Avatar

    Max was excellent, calm waters and very informative. - 10/02/2020

    Danielle B. Avatar
    Danielle B.

    The sunset cruise was great! The cruise was great! The entertainment was fun, and the food was delicious!

    Trip Reviewed: Key West Sunset Celebration Sip & Sail
    - 10/01/2020

    Jessica S Avatar
    Jessica S

    Amazing Watersports Package The crew was amazing! Genuinely friendly and very fun, silly, and energetic. The jet skiing was thrilling and we laughed the whole time on the banana boat! It made the whole Key West vacation!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Do It...
    read more
    - 9/30/2020

    Mitchell & Jessica (Key West Honeymooners) Avatar
    Mitchell & Jessica (Key West Honeymooners)

    Great Key West Honeymoon Trip It was absolutely amazing,we met some good people and learned some interesting facts about Key West. The day was maximized and the turns sharing the equipment were fair, lunch was large and the pulled pork sandwich was very good. There... read more - 9/30/2020

    David S. Avatar
    David S.

    It Was A Perfect Evening In Key West It was a perfect evening. Everyone was very very nice on the sunset dinner cruise.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Sunset Dinner Cruise
    - 9/30/2020

    Enrique V. Avatar
    Enrique V.

    Amazing Dolphin Eco & Snorkel Trip This was amazing. Sunset Watersports crew were great. We loved all of it. The dolphin tour was awesome & the snorkeling was amazing.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Dolphin Eco & Snorkel Combo
    - 9/29/2020

    Katie L. Avatar
    Katie L.

    Best Jetski Tour in Key West Awesome time on the jetski tour. Tour guide did a great job running the trip and made it fun!

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Key West Island jetski Tour
    - 9/29/2020

    Jorge Avatar

    We had an awesome time on the Do It All trip. All Sunset Watersports team members did an amazing job and made sure we were having fun. This was our favorite things to do in Key West. - 9/29/2020

    Key West Traveler Avatar
    Key West Traveler

    Must To Key West Sunset Cruise The entire Sunset Watersports crew was awesome. Especially the young lady from Toledo Ohio. She became one of the group‼️ - 9/29/2020

  • JESANA S Avatar

    Highly Recommend The Sunset Sail I definitely recommend the sunset watersports sunset sail in key west. We did multiple trips and had so much fun. We had 12 people in our group and we are looking forward to coming back. Thank you the crew was amazing! - 9/29/2020

    Key West Traveler Avatar
    Key West Traveler

    Incredible Dolphin Eco Tour Captain and crew on the dolphin eco tour were so amazing! They took us to a world I only thought existed on tv!! Very relaxing! - 9/28/2020

    Key West Traveler Avatar
    Key West Traveler

    Excellent Sunset Sail Everything was perfect. The Sunset Watersports crew was excellent, food was excellent, drinks excellent, music was excellent and the entertaining. - 9/28/2020

    Key West Traveler Avatar
    Key West Traveler

    Incredible Dolphin Eco Tour Amazing dolphin eco tour, great staff and would highly recommend this trip when you are in Key West. This was the best tour to do with our family. They even take you snorkeling. We saw so many dolphin & countless... read more - 9/28/2020

    Abigail J. Avatar
    Abigail J.

    I would do this a thousand times if I could. I would do this a thousand times if I could. The ride out there was beautiful and the snorkeling was amazing. We swam with massive sting rays, barracudas, nurse sharks and so many other fish. It was quite the experience.... read more - 9/28/2020

    Danielle Simeoli Avatar
    Danielle Simeoli

    Had a great time with Nathalie, Nick, and Dan! Great music and hospitality. 11/10 - 9/19/2020

    Mellissa Szucs Avatar
    Mellissa Szucs

    What an AMAZING experience we had yesterday at Sunset Watersports. We did the eco safari and we highly recommend it! Michael was our guide and he was SUPERB!! On this tour, you drive your own boat and follow your guide... read more - 9/13/2020

    Amanda Mayfield Avatar
    Amanda Mayfield

    We did the Dinner Cruise, Jet Ski Tour, and Sunset Snorkel and Sail through them and they were the highlights of our vacation. Definitely recommend! - 9/12/2020

    Amy Allen Avatar
    Amy Allen

    Had an awesome private jet ski tour of the Key West Island with Connor! He provided a lot of history and interesting facts along the way. He even found a pod of 6 dolphins for us! Great experience! Also our... read more - 9/12/2020

    James Gentile Avatar
    James Gentile

    Did the Sip and Dip snorkel at 1 pm. It was a blast! All gear is included in the price and there’s an open bar with hefty pours! $45 per person is extremely worth it. Really fun afternoon led by... read more - 9/10/2020

    James Gentile Avatar
    James Gentile

    Great activity to do while down in Key West. 1.5 hour jet ski tour around the islands. The service and crew were great! Quick and easy instructions on how to ride and they didn’t do any babying, we rode at... read more - 9/09/2020

    Kai T Avatar
    Kai T

    Soooo much fun and great experience. Osiris is an attentive and knowledgeable instructor.
    Thanks Osiris!
    - 9/09/2020

    Galie Jaddunath - Robinson Avatar
    Galie Jaddunath - Robinson

    We had an amazing time out in the water all day. The crew was very friendly and ensured we had a fantastic time. - 9/06/2020

    Key West Traveler Avatar
    Key West Traveler

    We had the most amazing time, thank you so much!! - 9/04/2020

    Catie S. Avatar
    Catie S.

    We had an amazing time on 2 different experiences with them. Great and friendly staff. I will always use them in the future! - 9/04/2020