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  • Michelle V. Avatar
    Michelle V.
    Sunset dinner cruise 03/19/2021, Sunset Watersports

    The food was phenomenal!! The staff was all very friendly and courteous. The food was phenomenal!! The music was great and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves the entire cruise.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Key West Dinner Cruise
    - 3/20/2021

    Sandy P. Avatar
    Sandy P.

    Parasailing: I would highly recommend My three children (13,13,10) went parasailing in the morning. The check in was super easy. Loved the offer for pictures and video from the crew, it was worth the money and better shots than I would have done. The kids... read more - 3/20/2021

    Alison M. Avatar
    Alison M.
    Dolphin, snorkel, sunset 2/4/21, Sunset Watersports

    Dolphins in Key West We had a great time. The staff was so knowledgeable and helpful. We saw lots of dolphins, had a great time snorkeling, and saw a nice sunset. The snorkel gear was high quality and in excellent condition. The unlimited drinks... read more - 2/08/2021

    Megan L. Avatar
    Megan L.
    Sunset Watersports, Sunset Watersports

    Best Reef Snorkel Ever! We had a fantastic trip. The entire crew/team were wonderful from the lady that gave us the information and checked us in to all of the crew members on board, everyone was very friendly and accommodating. I have no complaints,... read more - 2/08/2021

    Gene L. Avatar
    Gene L.
    Sunset Watersports, Sunset Watersports

    Great Entertainment Great food and service! Really enjoyed reggae band Friday night, we were able to dance and he is a great entertainer!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Sunset Dinner Cruise
    - 2/08/2021

    Damien M. Avatar
    Damien M.
    Sunset Watersports, Sunset Watersports

    Dinner Cruise was AWESOME The Dinner Cruise was awesome. The crew made it entertaining and they were ALL friendly. They made the Dinner Cruise fun. The food was ON POINT. Very tasty and enough for a second plate. Live entertainment and sunset was also... read more - 1/31/2021

    Ashley Rinehart Avatar
    Ashley Rinehart

    We had an amazing time!!! Jake & Jake were our tour guides and they were phenomenal! We would definitely recommend! - 1/26/2021

    Franclin Avatar
    Sunset Sip & Sail, Sunset Sip & Sail

    The whole team was amazing! The music was awesome the whole team was amazing I’ll definitely come back again.

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Sunset Sip & Sail
    - 1/26/2021

    Michele B. Avatar
    Michele B.
    Dips and Sips snorkeling, Sunset Watersports

    Amazing Snorkeling In Key West I absolutely loved the snorkeling tour. The crew was perfect, understanding, informative and knowledgeable. Whenever I come back to Key West your tours are the only ones I am doing. - 1/21/2021

    Robbie Stabler Avatar
    Robbie Stabler

    Parasailing Was Awesome! Matt and Eion did a wonderful job of providing a memorable experience

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Key West Parasailing
    - 1/21/2021

    Aleta K Avatar
    Aleta K
    1/17/2021 Dinner Cruise, Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Fantastic Time Dinner Cruise Fantastic time. Captain Clay and his crew were so much fun. Food was great. Everyone was well organized, attentive, aware of everyone's needs. Entertainment was great, nice variety. Thank you for a fun time we will definitely tell all our... read more - 1/19/2021

    Kim B. Avatar
    Kim B.
    Sunset cruise with dinner., Sunset Dinner Cruise

    Incredible Views Excellent food and the crew was fantastic. Would go on the trip again. - 1/18/2021

    Brad Grekoff Avatar
    Brad Grekoff

    Very fun! The crew was fantastic especially deckhand Jade! - 1/18/2021

    Dannis Avatar
    Safari Eco Tour, Safari Eco Tour

    Best Eco Tour In Key West Amazing experience and really good service, would recommend 100%! Best Eco Tour In Key West - 1/18/2021

    Kathie Boozer Avatar
    Kathie Boozer
    90 minute jet ski tour of KW, Jetski Tour Adventure

    Jetski Tour In Key West Great trip. Max was out guide and he was very informative. Jet skis ran well and we all had a great time.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Jetski Island Tour
    - 1/18/2021

  • Maggie M. Avatar
    Maggie M.

    Do This! Great time, the six hours flew past. The lunch provides was great and more than enough to fill everyone up. Crew was professional and fun. Nothing to complain about! - 1/18/2021

    Brock Corder Avatar
    Brock Corder
    Rented 21’ cape craft, Key West Boat Rental

    Great Deal! We enjoyed seeing key west by boat.

    Sunset Watersports Boat Rentals Review
    - 1/18/2021

    Delilah Zapata & Jaylen Woods Avatar
    Delilah Zapata & Jaylen Woods
    01/14/21 28 Mile Jetski Tour, Jetski Island Tour

    Highly Recommend Mike J. Was awesome and gave us the best experience! We enjoyed the entire tour and explanation of certain parts of a Key West. We would most definitely recommend Sunset Watersports and would do this specific tour again! - 1/15/2021

    Nela Avatar

    We had a great time We had a great time in the sip & sail tour with Sunset Watersports. The crew was awesome, service is great and we could have drinks at the boat without any long lines. The tour was for 2 hours and... read more - 12/28/2020

    Paul M. Avatar
    Paul M.

    Parasailing Was Awesome! The parasailing crew was awesome and made everyone feel comfortable on our trip to Key West. The first mate did a great job of getting my 8 year relaxed and past her fears of going. I can’t thank him enough... read more - 12/28/2020

    Mary Soltysik Avatar
    Mary Soltysik

    Most amazing experience! Most amazing experience..... Michael was awesome and this was a highlight of my trip.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Eco Safari Tour
    - 12/27/2020

    Kim Avatar

    Amazing Time! We had a great time on the jetski tour. The crew did a awesome job guiding us! Thank you!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Key West Jetski Tour
    - 12/26/2020

    Joseph Duarte Avatar
    Joseph Duarte

    Great Experience! Great experience, crew was fun, food was tasty, especially the chicken nuggets.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Do It All Watersport Adventure
    - 12/25/2020

    Melanie Avatar

    Absolutely unbelievably fun time! The staff was so friendly and fun the activities were organized, yet you were able to do whatever you wanted for the most part. The best time we’ve had on vacation in a very long time!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Key...
    read more
    - 12/25/2020

    Linda K. Avatar
    Linda K.

    We had an excellent experience on our sunset dinner cruise. We had an excellent experience on our sunset dinner cruise. The entertainment was awesome, that guy was a hoot! The food was great, the servers very nice!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Sunset Dinner Cruise
    - 12/02/2020

    Steve S. Avatar
    Steve S.

    One of the best things we did on vacation. Jetski Tour Scott and Max were great! Had so much fun ripping it across the ocean. Being in the Atlantic was intense fun. Will be back the next time we are here. One of the best things we did on vacation. Don’t... read more - 11/30/2020

    Michael B Avatar
    Michael B

    Best Thing To Do In Key West Best experience was the parasailing... amazing to see Justin get us ready to parasail & take amazing photos!!

    Sunset Watersports Trip: Parasailing
    - 11/29/2020

    Thad D. Avatar
    Thad D.

    Fun Trip In Key West Pistol boats are fun! Amazing sandbar tour! Almost private! - 11/28/2020

    Nathan T. Avatar
    Nathan T.

    The crew were amazing. The entire group was awesome, the crew let me borrow their fins I have big feet. The captain was friendly and answered all questions. With COVID the trip was likely less booked than normal but... read more - 11/24/2020

    Bonnie Garfias Avatar
    Bonnie Garfias

    We had such fun with Nikko and Jake. Jake gave “Bob” real name Ernesto 1st spot on the line and we will now Never hear the end of it!! Thanks Jake! Thank you Nikko for watching out for me and... read more - 11/24/2020

  • Elizabeth Kaya Avatar
    Elizabeth Kaya

    Great , fun, amazing trip!! The tour guys , Devon and Scott were so much fun!! Highly recommend!! - 11/24/2020

    Scott P. Avatar
    Scott P.

    We had a great time! Dolphin Tour We had a great time! The crew was friendly and high energy. I would recommend this trip so much fun!!!

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Dolphin Tour Excursion
    - 11/22/2020

    Garrett P. Avatar
    Garrett P.

    Absolutely mind blowing experience that pictures and video do no justice for. A completely unforgettable experience with friends that will truly last a lifetime. Thank you for the great service, surprisingly incredible food, and hearty atmosphere. A lot of work... read more - 11/22/2020

    Yonela Avatar

    Great adventure my friends enjoyed it and mostly friendly staff Thank you to Captain Sean and his crew Nick n Clay. - 11/20/2020

    Tana T. Avatar
    Tana T.

    Amazing Time! It was amazing the music was great the food was great . We had a blast on the Sunset Dinner Cruise - 11/19/2020

    Janice P. Avatar
    Janice P.

    Wonderful Afternoon Snorkeling In Key West Captain and Crew were wonderful and friendly. Wonderful afternoon snorkeling. Recommended to friends visiting Key West.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Review: Afternoon Dip & Sip Snorkel
    - 11/18/2020

    Donald Harlow Avatar
    Donald Harlow

    Conner and Nico were excellent guides, they were very professional and fun. - 11/18/2020

    Augusta B. Avatar
    Augusta B.

    It was the best part of our trip to Key West It was the best part of our trip.. We had a wonderful time.. The guy play the music and singing was awesome.. I love it

    Sunset Watersports Trips Reviewed: Sunset Dinner Cruise
    - 11/18/2020

    Rick Sexton Avatar
    Rick Sexton

    Booking online was very easy and my girlfriend went for free as it was her Birthday. The crew and entertainment I think his name is Marvin were great. Buffet and drinks included on this trip. - 11/18/2020

    Aaron Preisler Avatar
    Aaron Preisler

    Chartered the Conquest, there 40ft sailboat for a sunset cruise where I proposed to my beautiful Johanna. Boat was nice but not a luxury sailboat. For the money it was absolutely perfect, especially for only a 2+ hour sail. Staff... read more - 11/11/2020

    Ryan Shamblin Avatar
    Ryan Shamblin

    We loved our jet ski tour! Our guide was super knowledgeable and had great tips for us being first time drivers. We got there about 45 min early and had plenty of time to take the boaters test and start... read more - 10/16/2020

    Kurt S. Avatar
    Kurt S.

    Very much enjoyed the Sunset Sip and Sail!! Very much enjoyed the Sunset Sip and Sail, Awesome boat. Crew very friendly. Would definitely do it again.

    Sunset Watersports Trip Reviewed: Sunset Sip & Sail
    - 10/16/2020

    Chris U. Avatar
    Chris U.

    Amazing Jetski Tour My daughter and I had a great jet ski tour. Scott was awesome. Would highly recommend.

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Key West Jetski Island Tour
    - 10/15/2020

    Darren B. Avatar
    Darren B.

    One of my favorite adventures yet!! All the Sunset Watersports team members were very friendly and well mannered.... they made sure we had fun and was ok on the water!!! One of my favorite adventures yet!!

    Sunset Watersports Tour Review: Key West All Day Adventure, "Do It All"
    - 10/15/2020

    Joe S. Avatar
    Joe S.

    Key West Jetski Tour, Highly recommend! First trip to Key West and booked the Jet Ski tour. Our guide Scott was fantastic! Sorry I could only give 5 Stars as it was a 10 experience for sure! Highly recommend! - 10/14/2020