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Where to Boozy Brunch in Key West


There aren’t many places in Key West where you can chow down on oversized biscuits and jam with fried chicken and waffles. That’s why we love Firefly’s daily brunch— it’s the best and only of its kind in Key West. Not to mention, they serve up the best deviled eggs on the island, or maybe even planet.

223 Petronia St
(305) 849-0104

Bistro 245

Besides its amazing waterfront view of Key West’s harbor, Bistro 245 has one of the largest brunch spreads available on the island. From sushi to salami, you’ll have no problem finding something you like. Paired with bottomless mimosas, this feast is fit for a king. So, make sure you come hungry and you’ll be sure to leave happy.

245 Front St
(305) 292-4320

Blue Heaven

This spot is a favorite for many, so make sure you’re ready to wait. Good news though, the location of this brunch spot is known for its outdoor ambiance and activities to pass the time. With roosters running around, an outdoor bar and ping pong table, you’ll have no problem waiting for your spot at the table. Everything on the menu is stellar, but if you need a little help, we suggest the lobster Benedict with a side of banana bread.

729 Thomas St
(305) 296-8666


When’s the last time you had lemon ricotta pancakes with a glass of four flowers juice? …. Yeah, we didn’t think so. But, good news, you can enjoy this unique, yet exceptional combination at Sarabeth’s next time you’re in Key West. Make sure you call ahead and reserve a table, for this posh spot fills up fast on the weekends.

530 Simonton St
(305) 293-8181

Little Palm Island

Ok, we know it isn’t in Key West, but it had to make the list. Once you arrive by boat to the private island (we aren’t joking), you’ll be greeted by an all you can eat spread filled with oysters, ceviche, meats, cheeses and more. If it couldn’t get any better, your feast is accompanied by a bottomless champagne and Bloody Mary bar. Plan to stay for the afternoon, as you’ll want to explore the island and swing in the hammocks for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

28500 Overseas Hwy
Little Torch Key, FL
(305) 872-2524



What is a Key West Conch?

The use of the term “conch” can be confusing for visitors of Key West because on the island, it’s not just a fritter on your plate or queen beneath the sea… it’s a person, too. Allow us to explain.

A conch is a large sea snail that lives in the depths of Caribbean waters. In the Florida Keys, the more common and identifiable species of sea snail is the queen conch. Snorkelers and divers will frequently spot these beautiful creatures situated on the ocean floor. The outer shell of a queen conch is white and tan, and often covered in algae. If you flip it over, you’ll see a beautiful combination of bright pinks and whites.

Now let’s head to the dinner table, where this sea slug turns into a deliciously fried fritter that is a favorite of both locals and visitors. If done a certain way, the meat of a conch can be removed without damaging its magnificent shell. Once the meat has been extracted, it can prepared a few different ways, not just fried. Many enjoy it in chowder, ceviche or sushi style. However, one thing remains consistent….when it comes to conch, we aren’t picky, and no matter how it’s prepared, we won’t complain!


Now here’s where things get tricky. We’ve used the term conch to describe a sea creature and a delectable dishes, but now we will use the term to describe a human (and no, they do not live underwater or are fried like a fritter). In the late 1800s, Bohemian immigrants in the Florida Keys were nicknamed “conchs”. By the 1900s, Key West was occupied by a large population of Bohemian descendants. Over the years, residents of Key West started calling themselves “Key West Conchs” as well. Today, anyone who was born in Key West is considered a “Saltwater Conch” while long-term residents are called a “Freshwater Conch”.

In 1982, the U.S. government set up a blockade at the entrance of the main highway going into the Florida Keys. Visitors and residents were required to provide proof of U.S. citizenship before being able to pass. The mayor of Key West threatened the Federal court with succession from the Union as the Conch Republic. The issue was quickly resolve, but since that day, Key West has been referred to as the Conch Republic.

So there you have it, three different meanings of the phrase “Key West Conch”.  Now the next time you’re asked what a conch is, you can offer up some impressive trivia!

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